January 2013 New Products

SVP Broadcast Microwave HDT-02

Multifunction transmitter accepts analog video, SD/HD-SDI and HDMI video input signals; analog, SDI embedded, HDMI embedded and AES audio inputs are available as standard; user data or GPS data can be transmitted over the data channel; performs DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 modulations; an L band IF output is available, which enables users to use the transmitter as a satellite encoder and modular unit; allows terrestrial and satellite transmission simultaneously.


Lawo V_pro8

Compact video tool is designed for connecting different format video signals; delivers high-quality cross format conversion and color correction; embeds and de-embeds audio; works as a flexible matrix system; with its 8 x 8 video matrix and a 384 x 384 audio matrix, it’s possible to switch any signal to any other signal; offers a GUI based on HTML5 that makes it easy to handle day-to-day work.


DK-Technologies DK4

Meter offers de-embedding of SDI 3G input channels; includes three AES and two analog inputs; adds FFT spectrum analysis, Screen Grabber and the MSD Meter Landscape View as standard features; is compliant with all known loudness recommendations, including EBU R128, BCAP, ATSC A/85, ARIB, ABC, AGCOM 219 and ITU BS1770-2; alongside StarFish, Vectorscope and Moving Coil Emulations, new software features also include Eye Width Instand SDI signal quality read out; part of the DK METER family.


Vizrt OpenStreetMap integration

Viz World map and geographical animations tool now integrates with OpenStreetMap (OSM); with the new integration, Viz World users can access OSM community data from within the Viz World interface, effectively giving Vizrt users access to vector street data for most of the world; OSM is an open source online map database that provides a free, editable map of the world through the efforts of many contributors worldwide; for Vizrt users, OSM street data is converted to shape files by an OSM-approved third party; the shape files are then converted to a format that is optimized for use in Vizrt’s rendering engine .


Ross Video Carbonite 2

Two MLE switcher includes all the standard features of the Carbonite family; like the other switchers in the Carbonite range, the Carbonite 2 is available with 16 or 24 multi-definition SDI inputs and nine internally generated sources; can be configured with the new Carbonite+ and MultiMedia processing engines; includes the new ViewControl touchscreen production controller with LiveAssist graphical user interfaces.



Battery reader enables users to display data stored in the microprocessor of PAGlink intelligent digital batteries; easy-to-understand alphanumeric display reveals the battery state of charge, as a percentage; up and down buttons can be used to reveal other categories; data available includes available capacity in amphere-hours, cell temperature in degrees Celsius, number of charge/discharge cycles, voltage and full capacity in ampere-hours; compact and lightweight tool slides onto the contacts of the battery.


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FSR Top Shelf

Provides an unobtrusive and secure enclosure for audio, video and network equipment; mounts to a wall close to the ceiling in locations without drop ceilings or where space above the drop ceiling is limited; holds up to 4RU of equipment with multiple mounting locations for power as well as signal connections for easy installation; the unit’s steel frame ensures the equipment will be securely mounted; a plastic cover allows wireless signals to pass in and out of the enclosure unobstructed.



True-Peak limiter plug-in now supports the Avid AAX format; sound engineers using the ISL AAX plug-in have complete control over True Peak levels in audio signals, from mono to 5.1; ISL ensures compliance with loudness standards; protects against distortion that can be introduced when codes such as MP3 and AAC are applied downstream; designed for the transparent limiting of relatively dynamic high-quality audio; can also be used to hard-limit and reduce dynamic range where required.


Autodesk Smoke 2013

Video editing software offers editing and effects within a single, efficient timeline-based workflow and a sleek user interface; runs on a wide variety of Apple MacBook Pro and Apple iMac computers; features include a new user interface, a robust toolset with high-end finishing tools and ConnectFX for node-based compositing inside the timeline.

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NewTek Virtual Set Editor 2

The companion application to TriCaster allows for complete creation and customization of virtual studio environments and visual effects without the need for professional studio space; includes a switcher effects engine that allows the creation of complex transitions with full-color, full-motion overlays; its compositions use high-resolution elements, life-like camera movements and TriCaster’s graphics processing engine to evoke realism that stands up to close inspection; multiple live video inputs can be placed within the set, scaled, rotated and mapped to fit 3-D shapes.


Broadpeak C-CAS

Conditional Access System-Compliant Adaptive Streaming technology enables pay-TV operators to support adaptive streaming protocols while simultaneously remaining compliant with conditional-access systems on subscribers’ existing set-top boxes; first application of C-CAS will be available on the company’s BkS100 VOD servers; contrary to standard adaptive streaming technologies where the player adapts to streaming conditions and to its own CPU capacity, BkS100 VOD servers automatically select the appropriate streaming quality based on available bandwidth; this maximizes efficiencies for pay-TV operators while delivering a superior QoE for end users.


Sonnet Technologies Fusion R400S RAID

1RU, four-drive hardware RAID 5 storage system integrates a h igh-performance RAID controller for maximum versatility, critical data protection and speedy file transfers; its eSATA interface provides single-cable-to-host connectivity; low-noise fans make it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments; available in 8TB, 12TB and 16TB configurations .


Christie TVC-700

Display wall processor is PC-based and easy to use; is designed for the rigors of 24/7 control room environments; using PCIe bus architecture and state-of-the-art GPU technology, it provides ample graphics and processing power to support multiple inputs and outputs; with simultaneous support for hardware accelerated 3D applications and ultra-high resolution outputs, it can handle 3D content such as CAD/CAM modeling and data visualization.


Schneider Optics filter holder

Filter holder provides a sunshade that rotates independently; by allowing the sunshade and filter holder to rotate separately from each other, polarizing or graduated filters, which depend on maintaining precise orientation, can easily be used; 4in filter holder is designed to hold Schneider MPTV 4mm thick water-white Schott glass filters that are available in 4 x 4 and 4 x 5.65 sizes; holder rotates 360 degrees; can accommodate up to two glass filters.


Quicklink contribution system

Developed with Blackmagic Design; lightweight, live broadcast system is designed for the journalist on the go; allows a journalist to shoot live video on a camcorder and connect it to the UltraStudio media encoder via an SDI or HDMI cable; with a Thunderbolt connection, it is possible to transfer a live stream to the MacBook Air with Quicklink’s Mac Live software; footage can then be sent via a wireless Internet connection to Quicklink’s playout server, from which it’s possible to stream broadcast-quality footage to the TV newsroom.