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Jampro Boosts Sacramento Duopoly’s Signal

SACRAMENTO, CALIF.:  Jampro Antennas announced the successful installation of a high-power digital antenna for KOVR and KMAX, a Sacramento, Calif.-based duopoly affiliated with CBS and The CW network.

Jampro provided a top-mounted, elliptically polarized JSH-24 UHF Broadband Elliptically Polarized Slot antenna for digital Chs. 21 and 25. The antenna’s azimuth pattern is ideally suited to fully cover the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento markets. Jampro chief Alex Perchevitch said the company also “rebuilt, reconditioned 1,600 feet of 6-1/8 inch Marmon clamp rigid line and converted from 75 to 50 ohm.”