iZoptope to demo ANR-B adaptive real-time noise reduction

At NAB2008, iZoptope will introduce two new intelligent noise reduction products to the broadcast market, one hardware-based and the other software-based. Both will be available for demos in booth N9107.

The ANR-B adaptive real-time noise reduction unit is a 1RU device that can identify and suppress broadband environmental noise, phone line artifacts and similar artifacts in audio content. The ANR-B detects noise in real time and automatically adapts to changing noise over time, significantly improving the sound quality of live audio in situations like location production and live call-in shows.

Also featured at the show will be iZoptope’s RX restoration software. The RX software eliminates clicks and crackles and repairs overload distortion in audio archived from analog sources. The RX system’s spectral repair algorithms can intelligently analyze and fill the gaps in audio files, helping restore previously unusable recordings.

For more information, visit www.izotope.com.