India’s Mobility Art Studios opens motion capture facility with Vicon technology

Mobility Art Studios, the first professional motion capture studio in India, has purchased a Vicon MX system with 48 of the company’s F40 cameras. The facility is a fully integrated performance capture studio, offering full body, face and hands motion capture. It’s also among the largest motion capture service studios outside of North America.

Recently opened, Mobility Art Studios is based in Hyderabad (with a second facility being set up in Mumbai, India) and is designed to service the CG animation production and visual effects for film and television industries. One of the earliest projects completed by Mobility Art Studios with the Vicon system was for an upcoming film project in which they captured a live camel on stage. This is the first time camel capture has ever been accomplished in any studio of this type.

Mobility Art Studios includes a 12,000sq-ft capture studio divided into two shooting stages equipped with an overhead camera grid, independent stunt grid and high-density rubber flooring.

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