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Indiana's IMS Productions Chooses Canon HD Lenses

INDIANAPOLIS— With a fleet of four mobile production trucks and a fifth currently built, IMS Productions is a multimedia services company located in Indianapolis that specializes in providing live on-location HD production services for major racing, national sports, and other broadcast competitions. The company’s HD lens of choice is Canon, of which they now have 50 in their inventory.

Canon’s DigiSuper 100AF XJ100x9.3B long-field HD zoom lens is a workhorse at IMS Productions. Indeed, HD cameras deployed by IMS Productions’ mobile vehicles are exclusively outfitted with Canon HD lenses. The latest lenses purchased by IMS Productions include four DigiSuper 95 XJ95x8.6B and five DigiSuper 80 XJ80x8.8B long-field HD zoom lenses and six HJ22ex7.6B portable HD zoom lenses. The new XJ95x8.6B and XJ80x8.8 lenses join IMS Productions’ existing inventory of long-field HD zooms, which also includes DigiSuper 100AF XJ100x9.3B and DigiSuper 86AF XJ86x9.3B models.

Canon long-field HD zoom lenses are among the most widely used lenses in HD sports and entertainment production, and feature Canon’s Image Stabilizer technology for rock-solid shots at telephoto distances. These long-field HD zoom lenses also utilize Canon’s second-generation digital servo systems for improved control of zoom, iris, and focus, precision repeatability of settings, and microcomputer compensation of lens-focus breathing (the inadvertent alteration of field-of-view when operating the focus control).

IMS Productions’ six new Canon HJ22ex7.6B portable HD zoom lenses will be used for electronic field production-style applications, as will the company’s existing stock of Canon HJ11ex4.7B portable HD lenses. The HJ22ex7.6Bis Canon’s longest focal-range portable HD zoom lens without built-in image stabilization. The HJ22 is designed for long-distance shooting combined with wide-angle capture (7.6mm field of view) in a 4 pounf form factor.

Canon’s HJ11ex4.7B is known for its wide 91-degree horizontal angle-of-view performance, and features a focal length of 4.7mm to 52mm (9.4mm to 104mm with its built-in extender) and a weight of only 4.3 lbs. The HJ11ex4.7B lens is designed for producers and broadcasters seeking extremely wide-angle shooting with high sharpness and minimum chromatic aberrations or geometric distortion. The lens provides versatility while still delivering sharp, high-contrast HDTV images. (The HJ11ex4.7B was Canon’s widest portable HD lens until it was replaced in the product line by the HJ14ex4.3B lens.)

IMS Productions also maintains a full post production facility, complete with two HD studios and green-screen rooms, complete with lighting grids, control rooms and green rooms where they create commercials and 60-minute long-form programming to air on networks and institutional videos for clients to distribute on DVD at trade shows. Often times they use Canon’s EOS C300 Cinema cameras.