Ikegami Unveils Compact 3-CMOS Multipurpose Camera, Fiber Base Station

(Image credit: Ikegami)

MAHWAH, N.J.—Ikegami recently launched the UHL-F4000 4K/HD 3-CMOS multipurpose separate optics two-piece camera, and the BSX-100 3G fiber base station.

The UHL-F4000 features a compact, lightweight and low power consuming camera head (optical block), which makes it especially well-suited for helicopter camera applications, the company said.

The camera, the successor to the HDL-F3000, is equipped with Global Shutter CMOS sensors that capture images clear from geometric distortion during still frame analysis and free from flash band effects. It is also able to output 4K and cutout HD images while offering the low-light capability of the F3000, said Ikegami.

The 3.3-pound (1.5kg) camera head has an image sharpening function to boost an object’s edge level when zoomed in upon. The feature is useful, for instance, when zooming in on a car license plate, it said.

Variable contrast control allows users to reproduce clear images with the right contrast, even when visibility is impeded by fog and smoke. The camera’s remote control panel offers a variable control so operators can adapt the camera in real time to optimum noise reduction for night shoots with high gain, the company said.

The UHL-F4000 is equipped with a digital zoom from 1.1x to 10x in increments of 0.1x and exhibits a smooth, natural zoom. Combined with the optical zoom, overall zooming appears more natural, it said.

The focus assist function is achieved by placing the edge components of the 4K image on the HD MON OUT signal, making it possible to critically focus 4K images using an HD monitor. It also can output an up-down reversed image making the camera suited for instances when it must be set upside down, it said.

An optical fiber connection between the camera and CCU allows the pair to be separated by up to 6.2 miles (10km), it said.

Ikegami’s new BSX-100 3G fiber base station is a 3U-high half-rack-sized unit that’s easy to integrate into mobile production vehicles and other places where space is limited, Ikegami said.

It is compatible with Unicam HD system cameras, including the HDK-99 and HDK-73. It offers full support for Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR conforming to ITU-R BT.2100.

The BSX-100 can transport separate video, audio and metadata as independent IP multicast streams via its optional plug-in MoIP module for integration into a SMPTE ST 2110 workflow. The option supports uncompressed HD IP output in 10GbE with low latency. Redundancy is achieved using a second SFP interface based on SMPTE ST 2022-7, it said.

An optional built-in HD-to-4K upconverter board enables 4K output support. With the board installed, 12G SDI or 3G Quad Link or 4K MoIP output are available, making it possible for Unicam HD cameras to operate in a 4K workflow. It is also designed to work with future native 4K camera models, Ikegami said.

More information is available on the Ikegami website (opens in new tab)

Phil Kurz

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