IBM introduces I.D. security

IBM has announced several advanced identity recognition solutions for uncovering and managing potential threats and fraudulent activity. The company’s new Threat & Fraud Intelligence strategy will enable five focused solutions with a common, extensible and re-usable technology platform — each tailored to meet the needs of a specific industry or focus.

Users can leverage IBM’s Global Name Recognition (GNR) technology to help safeguard their business transactions, increase revenue, enter new markets, reduce risk and avoid potential problems by rapidly analyzing and verifying the names of existing and potential customers, partners or employees.

To support this initiative, IBM is also releasing two pre-packaged software and service solution bundles, the IBM Threat & Fraud Intelligence Starter Pak and IBM Threat & Fraud Intelligence Law Enforcement Solution.

The new highly targeted areas include:

  • Insider Threat & Candidate Screening for Government Intelligence & Security;
  • Real-time Analysis for Law Enforcement Investigation;
  • Fraud Intelligence for Civilian Government Agencies;
  • Threat & Fraud Intelligence for Banking;
  • Threat & Fraud Intelligence for Insurance.

These solutions can help government agencies and businesses to match, resolve and verify the origin, cultural variation and meaning of names by comparing and analyzing factors commonly associated with nearly 1 billion names from around the world, including nicknames, titles, format changes and typographical errors.

In addition, IBM is also applying its broad Entity Analytic Solutions (EAS) portfolio, including identity and relationship resolution and anonymous resolution, to help clients integrate their disparate silos of enterprise information to create accurate and real-time insight to detect and prevent fraud before it actually occurs.

This Threat and Fraud Intelligence strategy builds upon IBM's Information on Demand initiative, launched in February 2006, which provides clients with data exactly when and how they need it to improve their business processes.

The complete list and details of the new Entity Analytics Solutions software products is available at