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IBC2005 to focus on HD developments

IBC2005 attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in HD during sessions and panels Friday, Sept. 9.

High-definition television takes center stage at IBC2005 with the theme for Friday, Sept. 9 focusing on HDTV’s past, present and future.

Sessions, keynotes and panels will explore the unfolding saga of HDTV, which is in its third decade after taking shape as an analog system in Japan, a multiplexed analog component approach in Europe and most recently as a digital system in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States. Thanks to new consumer technologies such as Texas Instruments’ DLP engine and the falling prices of LCD and plasma panels, consumers around the globe have affordable HD viewing alternatives.

Additionally, the availability of HD content is exploding as are the distribution channels with advanced compression techniques opening new avenues to the public via traditional sources such as broadcast, satellite, cable and newcomers like DSL.

IBC2005 will focus on HDTV, providing industry experts in various disciplines, including production and post-production, digital 5.1 surround sound production, transmission, display, and business, with a forum to explore HD developments in depth.

The IBC HDTV theme day program includes:

  • History of High Definition – presented by Brendan Slammin of the IEE
  • HDTV Theme Day Keynote - David Hill, CEO of DIRECTV and chairman of Fox Sports
  • The State of HD Around the World Session – chaired by Peter Symes, Grass Valley and Engineering VP, with Ralph Justus of the Consumer Electronics Association, Chuck Pagano of ESPN, and Yukihiro Nishida of NHK
  • Production Applications and Real World Challenges in Drama, Nature, and Sport – chaired by Hans Hoffman of the European Broadcasting Union
  • New Entrants' Needs and Issues - chaired by Ed Hobson of National TeleConsultants

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