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IBC2005 session to make case for digital technology

The case for digital technology in acquisition, production and presentation will take center stage at IBC2005 on Monday, Sept. 12 with a special session focusing on advancements in technology, the commercial opportunity it presents and how it will affect the movie business.

The session, “The Digital Opportunity - Acquisition, Production and Presentation in the Digital Domain,” will offer insight from Milan Krsljanin of ARRI Media on digital acquisition, Steve Bergman of Deluxe Laboratories on digital in post-production and David Bancroft of Thomson on keys to digital cinema migration.

During his presentation, Krslianin will focus on digital acquisition. He will address the arrival of single-chip, large-sensor film-style digital cameras for HD and 2K, available options and how they feed the digital content path.

Steve Bergman from Deluxe Laboratories will discuss the role of digital technology from a commercial standpoint in various post processes. He will look at the rising use of the Digital Intermediate process to allow the entire post-production chain to impact the final lock and feel of a film.

David Bancroft from Thomson will discuss how creation of compatible content and setting goals for quality are instrumental to the migration of digital cinema from an emerging technology to the mainstream.

Bancroft will discuss the need for studios to require a single completed film master that can serve digital and traditional cinemas. He also will talk about the need to take cinema quality to a new level to maintain the gap between what moviegoers experience at the cinema and what they encounter at home with their new digital HD home theater systems.

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