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IBC2004 to look at how content providers get paid in world of ‘digital lifestyles’

New digital technologies are changing how ordinary people communicate, are informed and entertained. IBC2004 will examine the influence of these technologies in creating a digital lifestyle and how content producers can better serve the increasingly sophisticated appetites of digital media consumers.

IBC will dedicate its conference theme Sept. 12 to digital-lifestyle issues, including:

  • New Platforms, New Content – The Latest in Cross-Media Interaction, chaired by Ashley Highfield of the BBC in the UK. All manner of new content is becoming available. From cross-media projects serving up content to television, radio, the Web and broadband to consumer-generated content, a broad range of content will be part of the digital lifestyle. This session will explore new types of content and their impact.
  • The Missing Piece – Getting Paid for Content, chaired by Simon Perry of Meeja in the UK. It’s still unclear how exactly consumers will pay for the content they seek and consume as part of their digital lifestyle. However, some things are known. Payment for contents needs to be nearly invisible to the buyer, flexible and have low transaction costs. This session will explore these issues and how some delivery platforms are structured so content producers get paid.
  • Understanding the Range of Platforms – Where Should Your Content Go? chaired by Ken Rutkowski of Ken Radio in the United States. This panel discussion will lay out the various platforms available to deliver content to consumers.
  • Future Business Models – Who Pays for What? chaired by Kate Buckley, media journalist in the UK. This session will explore business models that might shed light on how broadcasters will get paid in a world where PVRs give viewers a convenient way to skip the commercials. Some of the alternatives the panel will discuss are telescopic ads, targeted and personalized advertising, branded content and parallel advertising channels.

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