i3 to supply solution for IPTV test in the Nordics

i3 micro’s Mood set-top box

Canal Digital has chosen i3 micro technology to provide the equipment for the first comprehensive test of IPTV in the Nordic region.

Canal Digital, the largest distributor of TV content in the Nordics, will use i3 micro’s Mood set-top box and its Centre provisioning system — a secure, integrated CPE management solution.

Together with the Öresundskrafts city-area network, Canal Digital will deliver TV content over broadband to people living in the city of Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.

The test involves 300 apartments that are being provided broadband services and 15 TV channels from Canal Digital through the i3 Mood set-top box. Canal Digital is planning to launch a large-scale commercial broadband TV offering during the fall of 2004 through a large number of metropolitan networks (MANs) throughout Sweden.

For more information, visit www.i3micro.com.

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