Hosa introduces TRACKLINK mic-to-USB interface

Hosa Technology has introduced the new TRACKLINK microphone-to-USB Interface. Designed to provide easy, direct access to software-based audio applications, the TRACKLINK is a 10ft XLR3F-to-USB Type A interface cable that enables a single point-to-point connection between the microphone (XLR output) and a USB port on a personal computer. The new interface is fully functional with both condenser and dynamic microphones.

As a plug-and-play device, TRACKLINK requires no drivers when used with one’s favorite application. TRACKLINK is compatible with most Windows and Apple Macintosh audio software, including Cakewalk’s SONAR LE (for Windows PCs) and GarageBand on Macintosh computers. The TRACKLINK also provides visual confirmation of a secure connection and recording status via onboard indicator lights.

TRACKLINK incorporates switchable 48V phantom power for condenser microphones and adjustable gain for dynamic microphones. With its 16-bit/48kHz sampling rate, this easy-to-use interface delivers CD audio sound quality.

System requirements for using TRACKLINK are minimal. It runs with most DAWs or similar audio recording software on Windows PCs with Windows 98 SE, 2000, Me, XP, Vista (32-bit systems) or Windows 7. Macintosh computers must run OSX v10.3.9 or later.