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Holophone offers portable surround microphone

Holophone has introduced the H4 SuperMini, a portable, camera-mountable surround microphone.

Designed for documentaries, sports, news and other broadcast programming, the goal of the new microphone is to place listeners in the center of the action. The mic’s compact size allows it to be used where a larger, multimic setup can’t.

The SuperMini is delivered with Dolby’s Pro Logic II encoding technology. With the encoder, audio from the H4’s six microphone elements can be encoded from multichannel to stereo and recorded directly to any broadcast camera (or a stereo recording device when not attached to a camera).

The recording then can be decoded in the studio or viewers’ living rooms with any Pro Logic II or Pro Logic II-compatible decoder. In addition to the encoder, the mic features an integrated multichannel preamplifier and monitor.

The H4 has an audio zoom button that increases the forward bias of the pickup pattern and an auxiliary center channel microphone input (XLR) for attaching an external shotgun or wireless lavalier microphone. For monitoring in the field, the H4 has virtual surround headphone output with gain control and a tricolored LED monitor that indicates sound level and direction.

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