HME to introduce call light actuator at AES for wireless speaker station

On the heels of the announcement of its WS200 wireless speaker stations, at AES in October, in New York City, HME also will introduce the CL200 call light actuator that adds functionality to the WS200.

The CL200 call light actuator can be used to send and receive call signals from any two-wire intercom or directly from the CL200’s call button. The video crew can be alerted to attention by triggering the audio and/or call light on the WS200.

The WS200 wireless speaker station is designed for use with HME’s DX Series of digital wireless intercoms. The CL200 is used with the WS200 and a BS200 base station. The portable speaker station does not need to be hardwired to a master station and is designed to easily pick up and transport to any position requiring “speaker box” or “biscuit box” communication.

The WS200 features a built-in speaker and microphone, visual and audible call signaling with the CL200 actuator, and a headset jack for added versatility. It operates on six 1.5V AA batteries, 12VDC-14VDC or 100VAC-240VAC.