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Hittite Microwave unveils 32Gb/s optical modulator drivers

Hittite Microwave has introduced two new optical modulator drivers, the HMC1068 and the HMC1069, which are available in the die form and are well suited for driver-integrated chip-and-wire module designs for 100Gb/s DP-QPSK systems.

The HMC1068 and HMC1069 support data rates up to 32Gb/s and exhibit less than 0.3ps additive jitter and +/- 5ps group delay variation. The output signal amplitude and the crosspoint are adjustable through the control pins. The integrated peak-detector feature is used for monitoring the output voltage signal levels during normal operation.

Operating over a wide supply voltage range and featuring scalable power dissipation for varying output drive requirements, the HMC1068 and the HMC1069 are well suited for Lithium Niobate Mach-Zender Modulators when used in cascade configuration, delivery 30dB and a 7.5Vpp output signal. The HMC1069 can also be used in standalone mode as a single-stage amplifier where lower-output swing levels are required.