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Hitachi unveils new 2.5in, 3.5in CinemaStar hard drives

Hitachi has introduced the new-generation CinemaStar P7K500 3.5in and CinemaStar C5K250 2.5in hard drives.

The 3.5in CinemaStar drive offers capacities up to 500GB, and the 2.5in drive is well suited for use in set-top boxes and portable digital video devices. Hitachi designed both drives for the recording and playback of A/V content.

The abundance of digital video has been fueling consumer demand for digital video recorders (DVRs) with more storage capacity and new slim, space-saving designs. The CinemaStar C5K250 and P7K500 are the latest in a long line of Hitachi drives optimized for use in home entertainment applications.

The 2.5in uses the same SmoothStream technology as the larger 3.5in CinemaStar but offers reduced size, low power consumption and quiet acoustics. The drive has a capacity of up to 250GB.

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