Hitachi 4K Cams Become Teaching Tools at North Carolina Central University

(Image credit: Hitachi)

WOODBURY, N.Y.—North Carolina Central University’s NCCU TV Studio has a mission of training students for their professional careers through hands-on experience. To help with that mission, the school recently purchased three SK-UHD4000 UHD cameras from Hitachi Kokusai.

NCCU TV has been working to upgrade from its legacy standard-definition equipment, so that it can transition from its current 1080p HD to Ultra HD when the time comes. The school got a recommendation for the SK-UHD4000s from systems integrator Digital Video Group.

The new Hitachi cameras arrived on campus in February 2019 and were included in the renovated NCCU TV Studio that opened in April of that year. Deployed on Vinten Osprey Light pedestals, the SK-UHD4000s are used for a variety of productions, with broadcast curriculum students operating them.

Felecia Casey-Hicks, NCCU TV Studio manager, highlights the cameras’ ease of use that allow the students to balance the operation and creative aspects of production.

“The students are very excited, and some of our first group of students that used the cameras last year came back this past semester to help train the next students behind them,” said Casey-Hicks. “If they’re learning well enough to subsequently teach somebody else, then we’re doing our jobs right—and the Hitachi cameras are a big part of that.”

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