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High-performance monitoring from Dynaudio’s new PLM3A bundle

The PLM3A bundle from Dynaudio is a new audio monitoring chain consisting of a set of Dynaudio Acoustics M3A three-way loudspeakers, a Lab.gruppen PLM 10000Q amplifier, and cutting-edge Lake and TC Electronic processing.

Dynaudio Acoustics has provided first-class monitoring solutions for decades, and the M3A monitors are equipped with extremely clean, dynamic and reliable speakers in which common problems such as cone break up, thermal compression and phase misalignment have been virtually eliminated. The M3A speakers feature a pair of 300mm bass drivers that are perfectly complemented by two 150mm piston midrange drivers, with the high frequencies accommodated by a high-power version of the 28mm Esotec T-330 DA dome tweeter, considered by many to be the finest dome tweeter available. All of the drivers are ferrofluid cooled, a feature that is absolutely unique to Dynaudio Acoustics.

The PLM 10000Q amplifier delivers 4 x 2300W at four ohms and is based on technology from Lab.gruppen’s acclaimed FP+ series. PLM 10000Q is based on Lab.gruppen’s patented Class TD amplifier design that offers the proven efficiency of Class D amplification with the sonic purity of Class B designs. A new circuit provides substantially greater current-carrying capabilities, and the Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) is optimized to deliver full power during long low-frequency bursts as well as maintain stable rail voltages despite fluctuating line voltage.

Lastly, the Lake processor modules each offer precise settings for gain, delay, crossover slope, equalization and limiting that provide unparalleled power to correct, shape and optimize any sound source for any control room. Exclusive algorithms are included for raised cosine equalization, linear phase crossovers, LimiterMax loudspeaker protection and Iso-Float ground isolation.