High End TV Chooses Cobalt 4K HDR Multiviewer Card for 4K Truck

(Image credit: Cobalt Digital)

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.—High End TV has selected Cobalt Digital’s card-based solution for a 4K HDR multiviewer and high dynamic range (HDR) conversion in Symphony, its newest production vehicle.

The truck, which will deploy the Cobalt Digital 4K-in-and-4K-out 9971-MV6-4K multiviewer and 9904-UDX-4K HDR processor, will be outfitted with 4K cameras and a 60-input HDR monitor wall.

People want 4K, and they want HDR,” said Adam Mills, High End TV’s president. “Cobalt’s 4K HDR multiviewer solution also has TSL protocol and HDMI built-in on the same card, making it the perfect product to drive what I'd say is the best monitor wall in existence. This truck is built to be future-proof first and foremost, and capable of shoots with full 4K throughput. Cobalt makes that possible.”

The Cobalt 9971-MV6-4K 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD UHD multiviewer solution is an openGear card. It represents the company’s next generation of advanced UHD high-capacity channel multiviewers. Simple setup and ease-of-use are achieved with one-button template presets. Configurations can be changed on-the-fly, which is particularly important for a production truck.

The multiviewer card allows users to view the monitor wall in full-resolution even if the production isn’t being shot in 4K. “You can have a 4K consumer monitor coming out of the HDMI with 1080p inputs and a quarter of that screen shows you all 1080p lines. Once you see it, everything else just looks blurry,” he explained.

The truck is also being equipped with Cobalt’s 9904-UDX-4K for SDR/HDR and HDR/SDR conversion card, which incorporates Technicolor’s Intelligent Tone Management (ITM) and single layer HDR (SL-HDR) technology.

Mills reports the truck is attracting the attention from the industry. “We were getting interest from ‘A List’ entertainment acts before Symphony even rolled out from the truck fabricator’s floor,” he said.

More information is available on the Cobalt Digital website

Phil Kurz

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