Helius, ICG to offer IP video signage connected via 3G cellular

Using Sprint’s nationwide Power Vision network, the solution combines a Helius router and ICG’s cellular hardware to support rapid deployment of signage, distance learning and related applications.
ICG’s Top Global USA MobileBridge 3G wireless router is being used for cellular-connected digital signage.

Helius and Internet Connectivity Group (ICG) have partnered to deliver cellular-connected digital signage solutions based on the Helius MediaGate router and ICG’s Top Global USA MobileBridge 3G wireless router products using Sprint’s nationwide Power Vision network. This partnership seeks to speed deployment of applications such as digital signage and distance learning by eliminating the need for hard-wired network connectivity.

Helius MediaGate routers process and store video, while ICG’s 3G cellular hardware runs on the Sprint network to deliver IP video content.

For more information, visit www.helius.com and www.internetconnectivitygroup.com.