Heil Sound introduces PR 31BW microphone

Heil Sound has introduced a unique new dynamic stage microphone, the PR 31BW. In essence, the new mic contains the heart of the Heil PR 30, reengineered to fit into a very compact body, about half the length of the original. This compact form factor makes the new PR 31BW a great candidate for squeezing into tight places. The new mic provides 40dB of rear rejection and can handle more than 150dB SPL without distortion.

The new model was developed in response to a suggestion from a touring customer of Heil Sound. Bob Workman, who mixes front of house for the Charlie Daniels Band, called company founder Bob Heil and asked if it would be all right for him to cut the chassis of his PR 30 in half. “I believe his exact words were, ‘Will this void my warranty?’” Heil said. At that point, they put their heads together and configured that chassis to hold all of the components of the existing Heil Sound PR 30 in a much smaller space. Heil now had the makings of a new large-diaphragm dynamic mic in a compact 4in chassis that could be placed virtually anywhere.

The new PR 31 BW works in a wide variety of stage applications and has found special favor as under-head mics for cymbals, which many sound professionals are turning to instead of traditional overhead mics. It is also proving to be a great vocal mic for drummers.