Harris streamlines HD workflow for Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium (OBMC), a joint partnership between media conglomerates CTV and Rogers Media, worked with Harris to deliver an end-to-end HD broadcast solution for the consortium's suite of assets during its coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The integrated broadcast and production solutions allowed the OBMC to centrally receive, manage and create program elements and distribute them to multiple stations across Canada.

Working with the OBMC in the development and enhancements of the overall systems, Harris engineers on-site helped deploy a variety of Harris graphics, servers and editing, networking, processing, branding and test and measurement equipment. The technology and systems helped enable advanced media workflows and provided the consortium with the highest-quality broadcast technology for its delivery of Olympic Games coverage.

The Harris package for the OBMC’s coverage included NEXIO AMP advanced media platforms and NewsForce HD/SD production platforms, which were used to build video clips for news and other programs. Harris NetVX video networking systems and Inscriber G7 HD broadcast graphics are also central to the system. A variety of fixed and handheld Harris Videotek test and measurement solutions helped monitor video and audio signals live from the venues, while assuring signal integrity and compliance with national broadcast standards.

Harris is also supporting the consortium’s online coverage of the games with a backup control solution for FTP file transfer during digital coverage of the Games on CTVOlympics.ca and RDSolympiques.ca. The system is comprised of NEXIO Remote software, which monitors and controls channels on NEXIO servers over a local-area network, and the NEXIO PlayList event-sequencing application, which enables clips to be selected from the NEXIO database and arranged in any order for frame-accurate transmission.