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The Harris Platinum router platform
NASHVILLE Most 30-year-old video techs don't have to worry about operating a fleet of HD trucks. Yet, this is exactly where I find myself as the owner of TNDV, seven years after we started business. With my first standard-definition unit still in heavy use, I've upped the ante and am now the proud owner of "Aspiration," a new 40-foot expanding-side production truck.

I don't fill my calendar with long-term contracts like a lot of companies. Most TNDV events are specials and are typically unique in budget, staff or location. Being flexible has been the cornerstone of the business, and flexibility on a much larger scale is still a basic requirement for every show.

While designing the 12-camera "Aspiration," I knew that its router would play a larger role than on any other TNDV truck. I wanted a router that could reliably serve as the foundation of the video system, and also provide integrated multiviewer capability.

The Harris Platinum router with the HView SX Hybrid multiviewer option met both my requirements and budget. The scalable nature of the hardware and the fantastic-looking image processing are just two of the features that stand out.

In addition to basic router functions, I'm very impressed with the diversity of user panel options. I demand the utmost control as engineer-in-charge, and the larger user panel has been perfect, for not only multiple control applications, but also for easily configuring GPI functions and system changes. At the other extreme, the simple single-output router heads perform perfectly, with an easy learning curve for crew members.

The Platinum's serial control option made it simple to establish tally communication with my switcher. On-screen audio monitoring is also a big help, and I was very impressed with the integrated Harris Videotek scope test and measurement toolset.

In connection with a recent multicamera event that required a multiviewer. I was able to control all switcher I/Os for the venue and broadcast, and used the router's HView module to provide unique multiviewer outputs for the TD, venue producer, tape operator, and the secondary venue. Additionally, GPI triggers changed the picture-in-picture layout as the sessions changed. I added inputs by dropping additional cards into pre-wired locations, and my technical producer used the on-screen control function to move images around with only a mouse.


The Platinum router is a key reason we'll be producing this event again next year. The Platinum has established itself as the backbone of "Aspiration," and we're exploring the most efficient way to retrofit our other two HD units with Harris routers. The ease of use, expandability, and future proof nature of Platinum proved it to be the best choice for one of our primary capital expenditures on this new venture.

Nic Dugger is the president and owner of TNDV. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Harris North America at 800-231-9673 or visit