Harris offers digital signage products

Harris introduced InfoCaster 3.0 and Network Manager 3.0 for digital signs last week at InfoComm in Anaheim.

InfoCaster 3.0 is the latest software version for the company’s digital signage solution, while Network Manager 3.0 is an option that provides InfoCaster operators with control over a digital signage network.

InfoCaster’s multihead output allows the display of multiple, independent Video Graphics Array/Digital Visual Interface (VGA/DVI) signals from a single player. Network Manager 3.0 introduces localization features that allow operators to control specific devices with targeted messaging throughout a large-scale InfoCaster network that can feature hundreds of playback devices.

The integration of InfoCaster and Network Manager provides a flexible, cost-effective, point- to-multipoint digital display solution for organizations that require a reliable messaging platform.

Among InfoCaster 3.0’s features is Schedule Manager, a utility for viewing, editing and scheduling InfoCast sequences. A graphical user interface provides the ability to view a timeline and forecast the output of sequences to enable them to be displayed at the exact preferred time. Schedule Manager also allows for previews of scheduled sequences and editing of all sequence settings, including playback dates and times, durations and transitions.

For more information, visit www.infocaster.tv.