Harmonic offers IP-based AVC encoder

Harmonic has introduced the Ion AVC encoder, capable of delivering four simultaneous MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) SD channels in high- and low-resolution formats.

The IP-based encoder, housed in a single rack unit case, offers operators a platform for constant bit rate video delivery. It includes 12 audio channels and can be managed and controlled by Harmonic’s NMX Digital Service Manager.

The new Ion encoder helps operators meet the increasing demand for high-quality digital video services over IP-based architectures while reducing capital and operating expenditures.

The company’s DiviCom encoders also include the Ion MPEG-2 multichannel encoder and Electra family of multiservice encoders. The company’s DiviTrackIP distributed statistical multiplexing further enhances bandwidth efficiency of Electra variable bit rate encoders by allowing bandwidth to be dynamically allocated among geographically dispersed encoders according to complexity of the content.

For more information, visit www.harmonicinc.com.