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GV’s LDK 8000 Pairs Well With Alford Media

Grass Valley’s LDK 8000 COPPELL, TEXAS—For almost 30 years, we’ve provided audiovisual solutions and technology support to clients nationwide and around the world.

When we first started this business, we specialized in multimedia presentations (slides and audio). Times have certainly changed, with multiple high-definition formats in use, and even more are on the way, with 4K starting to gain traction.

We need flexible equipment solutions to help us protect our investments while meeting today’s technological demands. We only consider future-proofed and topof- the-line equipment to provide our clients with the best technology. That’s exactly what Grass Valley’s LDK 8000 Elite multiformat HD cameras deliver—a name and product which are highly respected throughout the world, and a design that offers cost-effective compatibility.

As everything we do is live, there are lots of risks and uncertainties; however, we’ve found that we can always rely on the quality and flexibility of the Grass Valley LDK 8000s. They allow us to switch between 1080i and 720p at 50 and 59.94 Hz to cover a wide variety of applications, making the lives of our engineers that much easier.

This lightweight camera has a high degree of durability thanks to its magnesium alloy body. It’s the lightest camera in its class, which makes it ideal for handheld operations, and the optional zoom control on the top handle makes it easier for us to shoot at ground level.

The camera’s next-generation 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+ CCD sensors are incredible, providing us with images that are always “picture perfect.” And the LDK 8000s allow us to handle all of the “oh, bythe- ways,” that always seem to arise when you’re doing live production.

It’s this kind of quality and format flexibility that have made the LDK 8000s such a fantastic choice. Our clients are sticklers for quality and it’s comforting to know that when there’s a demand for 1080p capture, the LDK 8000s can do it.

We have eight LDK 8000 Elite cameras that we purchased last August, and we’re hoping to eventually increase our inventory to 24.

Our experience with Grass Valley cameras dates back to the company’s LDK 500s. We were very pleased with their performance and the support we received from Grass Valley. Although we regularly evaluate products from Grass Valley’s competitors, our relationship is extremely strong and the company continues to offer best-in-class gear. Grass Valley has designed the new LDKs with a high level of functionality and user-friendliness. The operating controls are conveniently arranged and the special features are very easily accessed.

To keep our clients coming back to us for event technology support, we have to provide the best in personnel, equipment and value. During the past few years, Grass Valley’s cameras have enabled us to offer a production service that consistently ticks off all the boxes.

Bill Brady has been director of video services at Alford Media since 2008 and has been with the company since 1995. He may be contacted

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