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Grass Valley Ships Edius 6.5

SAN FRANCISCO: Grass Valley has begun shipping the latest version Edius, 6.5, which now includes a comprehensive 3D editing workflow and cross-platform codec support.

Grass Valley is making its renowned intermediate codec technology freely available to other third-party applications. In addition to the PC-based HQ/HQX codecs, a QuickTime version of Grass Valley’s HQ and 10-bit HQX codec (for Windows and Mac platforms), is now available as a free download.

Grass says Edius Pro 6.5 has a comprehensive 3D workflow with 3D stereoscopic editing tools and new 3D support across its editing peripherals. The full family of 3D-compatible Grass Valley editing peripherals—such as Storm 3G and 3G Elite editing hardware (with stereoscopic I/O through a single SDI source and/or dual SDI signals)—are now all supported from the Edius timeline. Edius software and hardware supports all of the most common stereoscopic modes—including the side-by-side, top-bottom, and line-by-line display methods.

Edius 6.5 also incorporates 10-bit color correction, a new Flash exporter, several improvements to the Layouter tool, native image stabilization, a built-in loudness meter, and closed-caption pass-through support.

A special systemized Edius version, Edius Elite, is also available that takes full advantage of the proxy files created and stored on the Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G server. Edius Elite also allows users tight integration with the Grass Valley Stratus media workflow application framework, and includes audio bit stream (Dolby-E/AC-3) pass-through support.

Every K2 Summit production client and K2 Solo media server can now be used as a 3D production server for 3D recording or replay, a 2X or 3X slow-motion recording device, or as a server for recording from two to six simultaneous camera feeds with at least one channel reserved for playback—with a software upgrade. The systemized Edius Elite version also allow users to directly access K2 content and edit it while recording, as well as the ability to directly output back to the K2 for playback.

Edius Pro 6.5 is shipping for $699. Existing Vers. 6 users can upgrade for $299. A 30-day free trial is available.