Gotuit launches PowerVideo Suite

Gotuit has unveiled its Gotuit PowerVideo Suite for the creation of video libraries across mobile and broadband platforms. Included in the suite are the Gotuit VideoMixer, VideoPlayer, VideoDiscovery and VideoMarker modules.

The VideoMixer allows publishers to give users the ability to remix videos and produce new videos through the manipulation of video metadata. The output created is a metadata file, meaning the publisher does not have to store and manage thousands of user-remixed files. Publishers can seed the VideoMixer with their own pre-defined scenes and/or allow users to define their own scenes using the VideoMarker module. The VideoPlayer lets publishers design and build a video application to their own specifications, while the VideoDiscovery lets users search for a video, with each scene getting its own title, description, time in/time out, tags and attributes. The VideoMarker enables publishers to allow their users to easily mark and define their favorite scenes.

Gotuit is showcasing the PowerVideo Suite through its Artist Remix Series, where the most popular artists on its Web site will have their artist spotlights enhanced to include a highly customized player environment and new video remix capability. The first artists to be selected for the series are Fergie and the Black-Eyed Peas at “Fergie Remixed.”

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