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Golf Channel Goes HD With Sony MVS

Sony's MVS-8000G switcher
When the Golf Channel began its move into high definition more than a year ago, we had two primary goals in mind. The first was to upgrade the channel’s image quality, which we’ve accomplished through the use of Sony HD technology—their MVS-8000G switchers, XDCAM HD optical camcorders and HDC-1500 multiformat studio cameras.

The second goal was more ambitious, but no less important. It involved streamlining the channel’s workflow, from ingest to editing and on to archiving, and effectively managing both legacy tape content and new file-based content. To accomplish this, we’re using a combination of Sony’s XDCAM automated multi-disc cart system, PetaSite tape storage library system and a range of third-party digital asset solutions.

The engineering team here at Golf Channel has completely overhauled the channel’s infrastructure and its workflow. Our Orlando facility now includes three full HD production control rooms, a state-of-the-art camera and video control center, digital media center, digital ingest and archive, technical operations center and a digital transfer center.

The three Sony MVS-8000G production switchers form the nucleus of our studio operations, channeling content from our HD cameras to the rest of the infrastructure, which includes the XDCAM Cart and PetaSite systems, as well as a dozen Avid editing suites, which include Avid Isis, Interplay, Streaming Server, and Avid HD Multistream Airspeeds.

Our digital media center houses a large part of our XDCAM HD and legacy systems, as well as two EVS workstations and an Avid ingest system. And our digital transfer center is the repository for just about every video format known to man. It has the ability to migrate formats, as well as duplicate library and other materials and transfer and ingest content.

With so much content moving around, it’s no surprise that our three production control rooms stay really busy—literally working around the clock. One example involves feeds from the Euro Tour that came in live overnight and were switched with one of the Sony MVS-8000Gs. Another recent example showed off our ability to handle both a “Grey Goose 19th Hole” show live from one control room and “Golf Central” live and “The Golf Fix” with Michael Breed from another of our Sony switcher-equipped control rooms.


The ability to air these shows at the same time and manage them effectively is due, in large part, to the power of the Sony MVS-8000G switcher. It has the 24/7 reliability we need, plus the switching power, memory/recall abilities, visual effects set, and capability for moving production elements that add up to the really great on-air look that makes us what we are. The Sony MVS-8000G was really the only switcher that we found which could handle all of our requirements, both in terms of M/E bank capability and number of source inputs. Also, the switchers can interface and talk to all of our servers, allowing us to recall anything from any of our production control rooms.

We certainly had some challenges in arriving in this wonderful world of high definition, but Sony has been with us all the way, supporting us wherever possible in meeting those challenges.

Ken Botelho has been with the Golf Channel since 2009 and is a 35-year broadcast veteran. He may be contacted

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