Glowlink GEO4 offers automated detection, geolocation of satellite interference

Glowlink has released GEO4, a new generation of the Model 8000 interference detection and geolocation product.

GEO4 offers an easy, automated way to detect and geolocate intentional and unintentional satellite interference across the L, C, X, Ku and Ka bands. Features include:

  • G-Wiz, which geolocates interference in four steps;
  • SigCatcher, which captures fast sweeping, hopping or bursting signals;
  • Distributed geolocation;
  • Highly streamlined user interface;
  • Reduced operator workload;
  • Technology to improve geolocation accuracy; and
  • Built-in Glowlink 3G satellite spectrum monitoring capabilities.

Active participants of Glowlink Model 8000 system maintenance plans will receive standard upgrade features of the Model 8000 GEO4 free.