GlobalStor premiers ExtremeStor-Capella at AES

Globalstor Data, a leading integrator of high performance RAID, SAN and storage/video servers, debuted its ExtremeStor-Capella at AES 2007. The 4GB Fibre Channel Host data storage solution is designed to support the most rigorous uncompressed audio and video sessions for both direct attached and SAN implementations.

Scaling anywhere between 16TB and 80TB on a single system with minimal rack space, ExtemeStor-Capella offers a next-generation enterprise dual disk architecture that simplifies management and growth. Equipped with an embedded Web-based GUI, Capella provides one or more views of enclosures from a centralized console. Industry-standard protocols are used for employing and monitoring cableless hardware components, enabling IT staff to set parameters for disbursing pop-up messages and e-mail notifications to appropriate personnel, insuring against any single point of failure.

Globalstor’s ExtremeStor-Capella is offered in either a single or dual active controller, both of which run failover/failback operations through on-board redundant data paths to back-end, dual-ported SAS and SATA disk drives. Its RAID functions can be combined and co-exist simultaneously. The system is currently available,

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