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Global Takeoff announces YCast.TV

Broadcasters and other content providers seeking to meet viewers on a variety of Internet-connected screens may have an answer in YCast.TV. Introduced by Global Takeoff at NAB 2011, YCast.TV is an OTT service that provides live TV and VOD to TVs, PCs, smart phones, and tablets via the Internet.

Global Takeoff developed YCast.TV in an effort to meet consumer demand for video content on various Internet-connected screens. Ycast.TV encodes the source signal and makes the content available to PCs, Roku players, Xboxes, Wiis, PS3s, iPhones, iPads, iPod/iPod Touches, Android, Blackberry, Symbian Nokia, and Windows phones.

The process is simplified for the content owner. First the source content must be fed to YCast.TV, which encodes the source. After YCast.TV receives and encodes, viewers will have access to view the content "within an hour."

A key highlight includes geographical blocking. Through geo-blocking, YCast.TV can limit the viewing region to specific area. The content can also be made available beyond market boundaries. Global Takeoff points out that, "local TV stations can immediately expand the reach of their daily news shows, sports events and entertainment content beyond regional boundaries."

Another feature includes free or subscription-based options when made available on Ycast.TV, which can handle up to 1 million live streams simultaneously.

There are currently 15 stations in the U.S. that are using or preparing to use YCast.TV. One such station is Belo Corporation's KTVK 3TV Phoenix.