Gefen to introduce new connectivity products

Gefen will introduce several new HD connection solutions at IBC 2009 beginning Sept. 11.

Among the new Gefen products is an 8x8 Cross Point Matrix for HDMI v1.3. This rack-mountable matrix delivers any eight HD sources to one or all of eight connected HD displays using the expanded HDMI v1.3 format. Multichannel audio with Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio are routed instantly from source to display.

Gefen will also introduce the HD-2000, an HDMI extension that supports the delivery of HD video in the HMDI v1.3 format along with digital audio. HD video and DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio can travel up to 300m from the sender unit over LC fiber-optic cables to the receiver unit.

Also new is the 16x16 DVI Matrix designed for users who need access to multiple computers from one or more displays using the DVI format. Up to 16 computers and 16 displays can be seamlessly integrated with the device. It includes a rack-mountable enclosure, IR remote and RS-232 capability.

Gefen will also introduce a 4X DVI DL to HDMI v1.3 converter that delivers a 12-bit dual link DVI to HDMI v1.3 conversion. By providing a plug and play method of integrating two different video formats, Gefen gives broadcasters a simple means of viewing high-density images with unparalleled detail and magnification. It allows four dual link DVI computers to be viewed on four professional HDMI v1.3 displays.