Geartech Adds Capabilities With Evertz

The Evertz QMC-2 master control switcher
As a leading broadcast and telecommunications distributor, Geartech Technologies GTCC Inc. strives to provide the most effective solution for our clients' broadcasting needs. Serdy, a production company featuring Évasion (a travel and tourism television channel) and Zeste (Canada's first French language cooking channel), approached us last year, requesting our services in installing and operating an HD and SD master control operation for transmission of their programming. We undertook this challenge and are now outputting all of Évasion's and Zeste's programming and commercial content through the newly created master control operation.

In developing this system for our client, we needed a device that could downconvert 1080i signals for SD hand-off to cable and satellite distributors. As we've been satisfied end-users of the Evertz product line, we quickly thought of the Evertz QMC-2 master control switcher, as it supports a variety of SD and HD formats.


As Évasion broadcasts 24 hours a day, we needed a master control system that would keep them on the air in both live and automated environments. The QMC-2's architecture allows our technicians to easily set up the master control facility to operate on an automated basis when operators are not present. Also, with a single physical desktop control panel the switcher can provide up to 16 channels of embedded audio, two internal layers of logo storage and keying, and three external key layers. The QMC-2 master control system has been operating for more than a year now without a single technical failure.

We know that along with system reliability, compatibility is also paramount in broadcasting. It was essential that all plant components be compatible with one another. Therefore, we needed a switcher that was designed with non-proprietary protocols and engineered to use industry standards and common interfaces. The flexibility of the QMC-2 architecture and its full control compatibility has allowed us to effortlessly scale the master control system from a single channel to a more complex multichannel operation. The Evertz switcher seamlessly integrated into the existing environment and interfaced directly with the router and multiviewers straight out of the box. The QMC-2 is a highly functional system, and we are confident that it is the most reliable in the industry.

The advanced capabilities of the QMC-2 enabled Évasion to broadcast the 2009 Tour De France in high-definition for the first time in Canada. And due to the success of the Évasion launch, Geartech was also able to launch a second fulltime master control service for "Zeste TV." Within eight months, we were able to launch two high-definition master control operations, with a little help from the QMC-2, of course.

With the support of the Evertz engineering team, we have effortlessly addressed all of our client's technical needs, including the addition of movement with DVE's and extra key layers. Not only does Evertz provide one of the most innovative product lines, but from a support perspective, we have found that they are second to none in the industry. Based on its compatibility, reliability, and functionality, we believe that the QMC-2 is the ultimate master control solution.

Alain Cauchy is the co-founder of Geartech Technologies GTCC Inc., a Canadian-based company that represents a variety of products relating to the film and television broadcast industry. Alain has been in the television industry for nearly 20 years. He may be contacted

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