GatesAir to Unveil Maxiva VHF TX Series, 3.0 Software

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GatesAir is set to introduce the first Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitter line for VHF television and DAB Radio and several ATSC 3.0 software innovations addressing the IP networking architecture and security requirements of NextGen TV this spring.

The new VLX-OP series of Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitters, like the company’s ULXTE UHF transmitters, uses liquid cooling pumps that move the heat created by the transmitter to the outside of buildings. Doing so reduces the need for cooling transmitter buildings, thus lowering power bills, especially for medium and high-power uses, said GatesAir.

The new VHF transmitters also leverages the power density of Maxiva transmitters to cut down on size and weight and their hot-swappable modular design for ease of maintenance.

Of particular benefit to ATSC broadcasters, the Maxiva VLX-OP series transmits at the same power level for ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 broadcasts—from 1.8 kW to 43 kW—simplifying and reducing the cost of transitioning to NextGen TV.

GatesAir will also introduce new 3.0 software features for NextGen TV, including STL Security that encrypts the 3.0 content path from the studio to the transmitter, and a secure HTML5 web interface. These advancements will be available for all Maxiva UHF and VHF transmitters.

“GatesAir has been focused on development roadmaps for ATSC 3.0 for years, and has tested and validated the basic feature sets of the standard,” said Ray Miklius, vice president and general manager, TV products, at GatesAir. “We have now turned our attention to software development for advanced ATSC 3.0 features, including access control and improved user account management. These innovations ensure that our customers are fully prepared for NextGen TV operations.”

GatesAir will also unveil innovations developed in cooperation with GatesAir Europe, a division recently acquired by the parent company. They include:

  • The Maxiva PMTX-1 Pole-Mount Transmitter series, an outdoor pole-mounted 50 W post-filer unit that can be configured to be a transmitter, translator or on-channel gap filler for all UHF and VHF standards as well as DAB Radio;
  • The Maxiva IMTX-70 Multi-Transmitter Desktop, which is designed around a compact case that can hold up to six 70 W transmitters and/or translators/transposers; and
  • The Maxiva MultiD Multi-Carrier DAB Transmitter, which brings together three DAB transmitters in a compact 1RU chassis

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