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Game Creek Adds 36 Sony HD Cameras

PARK RIDGE, N.J.: Game Creek Video is outfitting three of its newest trucks with a total of 36 Sony HDC-2500 high-definition cameras. The new trucks are planned to hit the road this summer covering a range of live production events.

Using 3Gbps fiber transmission, the HDC-2500 cameras can deliver 2x slow-motion footage. They also feature triax cable interfaces and changeable transmission side covers, allowing users to switch between fiber and triax environments.

Game Creek Video operates 13 high-definition units and 12 “B” units that provide tape, graphics, and remote office capabilities. The 2012 projects will add three production units and one B unit. Seven of Game Creek’s production units have been built, from the ground up, using all new components since 2010. The company has provided services for organizations including ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports, The NFL Network, HBO, NBA Entertainment, YES Network, MASN, and Comcast encompassing a wide range of sporting and live entertainment events.