FX Group introduces line of ‘green’ news sets

Set design firm FX Group has introduced a "green," environmentally friendly news set line as part of the company’s effort to become more earth conscious.

Dubbed EcoFX Green Sets, the new offering is the result of months of collaboration among multiple FX departments. The company worked with its existing vendors as well as new suppliers to locate products that are recycled or made from renewable resources that still maintain the company's standards.

A variety of options are available for green sets, including making a certain percentage of a new set eco-friendly or using renewable materials on select surfaces or elements. The goal of creating EcoFX sets is to maintain FX's design standards while reducing the impact on the environment.

For areas that can't be made environmentally friendly for practical or budgetary reasons, FX has arrangements to purchase carbon credits that offset the impact the set construction has on the earth.

For more information, visit www.fxgroup.tv/ecofx/.