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Furniture -- NAB Show 2012

Forecast Consoles' "green" customized products begin with a conceptual drawing
Broadcast furniture has changed a lot over the years, becoming a very specialized niche market with several companies working hard to keep pace with the rapidly evolving form factors of today's broadcast gear (not to mention such things as "human factors" and "ergonomics" that really weren't part of yesteryear's TV station equipment receptacles).

Their products will be hard to miss at this year's NAB Show.

Forecast Consoles is all set to show off some new additions and features for their popular line of "green" environmentally-sustainable console products. Booth visitors should expect to see some changes to enhance operator comfort and improve sight lines. The company's president and CEO, Bill Haberman, says he may also have a "surprise."

Omnirax will introduce the Tele-Nova System, combining modular rack units in configurations tailored to space, equipment and ergonomic needs. Also new is the Versa SS1 Series expansive electric height-adjustable workstations for for editing, and other applicatons. The steel frame includes a transverse support/modesty panel and a motor with 330 pounds of lift capacity. Height is adjustable between 26 and 48-1/2 inches.

TBC's SmartTrac PCR Console SystemTBC Consoles will be arriving in Las Vegas with some "significant" updates for all of their TracSeries products, and will be introducing a completely new version with the line's SmartTrac console, the SmartTrac V2. It gives users the ability to join individual workstation components to form complete master control and production control room consoles. The V2 also features a newly designed cable core with front access, improved power management, all new legs and feet, and multi-tiered monitor beam systems. An optional electrically-operated height adjusting system is also available for the SmartTrac V2.

Winsted will be featuring their new Ascend series of "sit/stand" consoles for control room and production area applications. In addition, be sure and check out the company's Sight-Line console with a newly designed large monitor support frame. Also, the company recently launched a new custom woodworking division that's equipped to take on any sort of custom cabinetry, furniture or millwork project that broadcasters and production house might have. Winsted will have a sample of this custom work—a touchscreen cabinet—in their booth for close inspection.