Fujitsu Names For-A North American Distributor for IP Encoders/Decoders


CYPRESS, CALIF. — For-A has become a distributor of Fujitsu’s encoders and decoders in North America.

The Fujitsu IP series of H.264 video encoders and decoders became available for purchase through For-A on Oct. 1.

IP-9500 The Fujitsu IP series of video encoders and decoders use MPEG-4 AVC technology encoding, known as H.264, to perform real-time transmission of HDTV at low bit rates over DVB and broadband IP networks. Employing compression tools and image processing algorithms to provide video fidelity, the Fujitsu IP-920 encoder/decoder equipment is capable of operating at less than 99ms back-to-back latency. With error correction using Fujitsu technologies, broadcast quality video can be sent over public Internet connections. The solutions are intended for HD/SD content delivery.

Models available for sale through For-A include the Fujitsu IP-920 and the IP-9500 HD/SD video encoder/decoder. Both solutions feature error correction, a low latency mode, real-time transmission and high-fidelity HDTV/SDTV video.