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Fujinon to Bring New Lenses to NAB

Fujifilm North America Corp., Optical Devices Division will demo a new lens for the half-inch format, an updated digital control system and an improved facial recognition system at the NAB Show.

The TRACE facial recognition system allows a camera operator to set automatic focus parameters on one person’s face in a frame. When a subject walks into the frame, a box appears around that person’s face, and if the operator touches that box, the lens automatically focuses on that face throughout the scene. Precision Focus Assist ensures fast, accurate focusing of high-definition images under varying conditions. Third generation features include improved focusing response, lower light loss and reduced size.

XA50X9.5B ESM PL Mount lenses
The company will showcase its XA88x8.8BESM/PF telephoto field lens, which combines the widest angle in class with a 88X zoom range. Fujinon’s Aspheric Technology and EBC coating reduce ghost and flare and increase light transmission. The XA50X9.5B ESM is designed to work with ENG style 2/3-inch HD cameras.

Fujinon will also show its PL Mount lenses. All four PL Mount zooms are similar in size and weight, and have uniform gear placement and front barrel diameters.

Fujinon will be at Booth C7525.