Fujifilm’s New Portable Zoom Lens with ‘World’s Highest Magnification’ Available in January

SYDNEY—After previewing the lens at the 2018 NAB Show, Fujifilm has announced that it will make its Fujinon UA46x9.5BERD” (UA46×9.5) lens available in January 2019. At 46x zoom, the company says the new lens features the world’s highest magnification in a broadcast portable lens for 4K video production.

The UA46x9.5 has a focal length that stretches from 9.5mm to 437mm, giving it the world’s widest angle among any broadcast portable zoom lens 40mm or greater, according to Fujifilm. It can be mounted onto HD broadcast cameras and sports an anti-vibration mechanism and drive unit for steady shooting. It captures in high dynamic range (HDR) to improve light transmittance and provide vivid color reproduction, along with higher contrast images, while also reducing color aberrations.

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“The response from the market since the launch of this new lens, which was first debuted at NAB 2018 earlier this year, has been excellent,” said Simon Becker, Fujifilm Australia national sales manager for optical devices.. As a result of its high specification and ability to support such a wide variety of video productions with HDR, we have already taken several pre-orders in Australia and have many more in the pipeline.”

Fujifilm plans to expand its line of broadcast portable lenses for 4K video production with the Fujinon UA46x13.5BERD, also in early 2019. It will feature the same specifications as the UA46x9.5, but with a focal length from 13.5mm to 621mm.

With 4k video content expanding around the globe, Fujifilm said it released the new lens to meet the need for high-quality 4k-compatible equipment in sports broadcasts such as soccer and baseball.

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