Fujifilm Launches Fujinon Premista 19-45mm Lens

Premista 19-45mm lens
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

SYDNEY—Fujifilm has unveiled its new Fujinon Premista 19-45mm T2.9-inch lens, a wide-angle zoom lens that supports large-format sensors and can deliver high resolution, bokeh and tonal images with HDR.

The Premista 19-45mm lens was developed with Fujifilm’s optical technology. It offers a constant T-stop of 2.9 across its focal lengths; features large-diameter aspherical lens elements; a 13-blade iris design; a unique zooming system for edge-to-edge sharpness; and the ability to reduce distortion across the entire zoom range.

Fujifilm has also enabled the new Premista lens to support ZEISS eXtended Data, which can record metadata when shooting, which reduces video-editing workload in post-production, the company says.

Additional features include the same front diameter and gear position for the focus, zoom and iris as the Premista series’ standard and telephoto lenses; and a Flange Focal Distance adjustment mechanism, which users can adjust by rotating a ring on the lens barrel.

Designed to be compact—it measures in at 228mm and weighs 3.3 kg—the Premista 19-45mm lens can be used on Steadicams or high-angle shooting cranes.

Fujifilm will officially release the Premista 19-45mm lens on Jan. 28.

For more information, visit www.fujifilm.com.