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Frontline Sat Van Simplifies NASCAR Ops

The new Frontline satellite transmission van built for PSSI is readied for use.
PSSI-Strategic Television is a full-service transmission and production management company specializing in high-definition transmissions. Our organization combines 30 years of operational, project management and engineering know-how with a fleet of 26 C- and Ku-Band satellite uplink trucks, transportable HD fiber-encoding packages, and portable flyaway uplinks, downlink and communication systems. We manage jobs ranging from corporate events to complex, multiplexed and multiple venue television productions.


This year marks the start of a new five year contract with NASCAR Media Group (NMG) to provide satellite transmission facilities during the NASCAR season. For the past three years, PSSI has provided NMG with three C-band transportable uplinks at each race track during the season, and one C-band transportable at their Charlotte, N.C. office. With the initiation of the contract, we started to explore the possibility of building a new satellite transmission platform that would handle the services provided by the three transportable uplinks in the past. With this vision and a rough sketch of what we wanted in hand, we approached Frontline Communications to see about making our dream a reality.

PSSI has enjoyed a good working relationship with Frontline Communications during the past 20 years. Considering their desire to listen to our needs and their willingness to step outside of their comfort zone-especially when combined with their knowledge of the satellite industry-made our decision easy. Their team of professionals embraced our project and truly made it their own. We could not be more pleased with the product we received.


Our new 47-foot trailer has two C-band antennas: one three-port 2.4 meter AVL and a four-port 5.5 meter Comtech. These two antennas will be able to support transmissions simultaneously to three discrete C-band transponders. One of these transponders will accommodate the needs of NMG, which includes a nine-channel MCPC feed encompassing six channels of AVC high-definition video, along with 48 channels of audio from all the racing teams. There's a second transmission pathway for various clients, including The Speed Channel. The third pathway will be used to carry a five-channel MCPC feed of HD video for DirecTV Hot Pass. All of this activity is monitored in a large control room that has six 40-inch NEC LCD displays with four Evertz multi-image processors, three Harris multiformat test monitors and six Wohler audio monitors. Terminal gear includes Tiernan encoders, Tandberg encoders and decoders, a Sencore multiplexer and decoders, and an Evertz digital router, along with that company's d.a.s, processors, fiber converters and RF amplifiers.

Our transmission equipment includes five MCL C-band traveling wave tube amplifiers, a Miteq 1:3 C-band frequency converter chain and five Tandberg satellite modulators, including a Prekor pre-correction system for correcting linearity issues in a satellite pathway.

PSSI Global Services, along with the craftsmen, at Frontline Communications are very excited about rolling out this newest C-band satellite transmission platform and look forward to using it to service our valued clients for many years to come.

Brian Nelles has been a member of the PSSI Global Services team for the past 16 years, serving as an uplink engineer, broadcast engineer, and now the company's senior vice president. He may be contacted

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