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Front Porch Digital releases DIVArchive 6.3

At IBC2009, Front Porch Digital will highlight key enhancements to its DIVArchive content storage management solution. These enhancements include full and direct integration with Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Studio environments.

Another new feature for DIVArchive is the inclusion of DIVAprotect. DIVAprotect has always been an option that users could buy at an additional cost; now DIVAprotect comes standard with the DIVArchive content storage management solution.

DIVAprotect protects content from the ravages of data tape and drive degradation by continually monitoring digital storage infrastructure. Further, DIVAprotect monitors all connected broadcast devices, network connectivity, transcoder engine performance and many other key parameters of the DIVArchive system.

CSM solutions are reliable workhorses within a file-based facility, but content storage also relies on physical devices such as data and tape drives whose degradation by time, motion, and environment can cause performance glitches and even outright content loss. Until now, the only way to solve the problem was to schedule periodic replacement of drives and media regardless of whether failure was likely, which was potentially a waste of time and money.

DIVAprotect actively collects quality and performance data with each DIVArchive transaction and analyzes the information to determine the probability any individual file-based media object in the system could be at risk. When DIVAprotect determines a particular storage device is at risk, it identifies media objects that might be affected and alerts technical staff to the problem so that they can respond proactively — before trouble strikes.