Front Porch Digital introduces online automated metadata and video publishing platform

Front Porch Digital has announced the launch of DIVApublish, a cloud-based service for automated frame-based metadata creation and integrated online video publishing.

DIVApublish enables customers to delve deep into their content, using facial recognition, scene detection, speech recognition, natural language processing, ad-break detection and closed-caption time alignment. It also manages the distribution of this content to a wide variety of destinations, devices and partners.

With DIVApublish, users can open up their content to take advantage of new revenue streams, all from the security of a proven, managed environment. It enables content owners to migrate, manage and market their programming by creating a single integrated workflow through which customers can market their content as well as protect and manage it.

The DIVApublish workflow begins with desktop tools that allow users to push their assets to the DIVApublish cloud. From there, the system engages in real-time metadata gathering. It can also identify ad breaks and closed-caption time alignment, so that content can be searched on multiple levels.

Once a higher level of frame-based metadata is attached, the content can be distributed to any number of destinations, devices and partners. After the content is distributed, the marketing portion of the software is implemented.

DIVApublish is able to provide detailed analytics to determine where users are watching content, what kind of content they are watching and how much content they are consuming on a regular basis. The system also allows users to automatically attach distribution rules, dates and targets as well as embargo rules.