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Front Porch Digital enhances storage management solutions

Front Porch Digital will offer enhancements to its DIVArchive at IBC2007, including broader interoperability with emerging technologies such as network-based API clients; file-system-interface refinements; enhanced error messaging; and clustered database support. The system features an Avid Interplay and Avid Unity interface with transparent SD and HD content storage expansion.

DIVAnet leverages DIVArchive for advanced content replication, disaster recovery, and business continuance functionality across multiple facilities. Features include automated bidirectional replication of assets stored at any facility.

DIVAdirector offers a distributed, Web-based content management application for global broadcasters. Tracking all assets in the DIVArchive system as users browse automatically generated low bit-rate proxies, the system creates frame-accurate shot lists and searchable asset metadata, plus links to external databases from a single secure interface.

DIVAprotect is a new option for DIVArchive that provides continuous monitoring of storage device and media performance, warning of degradation before it results in catastrophic data loss.

DIVAworks is a turnkey plug-and-play archive management appliance that includes a server and near-line storage with a 10-cassette data tape library, all operating under the control of DIVArchive.

Front Porch Digital will be Stand 10.630.