Front Porch Digital Announces New Software Player

Front Porch Digital has recently introduced a new software-only player for MXF-wrapped JPEG 2000 video files. It’s designed to allow users to view, confirm, index and catalog MXF-wrapped files without having to use proxies.

“Organizations including the U.S. Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the University of Southern California have adopted MXF-wrapped JPEG 2000 for storing content using lossless compression,” said Jim Lindner, Front Porch’s senior vice president of strategic development. “However, because the basic JPEG 2000 specification does not allow incorporation of timecode and audio, we worked with industry groups and archival customers to develop a suitable MXF wrapping scheme that would include four channels of uncompressed audio and frame-accurate timecode along with the lossless compressed video. Making a low-cost player available means the standards-based format can be widely adopted.”

The player is being made available at no cost and includes a graphical user interface that presents a video window and enabling stop, play and other VTR-type commands.

Front Porch Digital will continue to market a hardware-based JPEG2000 player for those who desire SDI-based playback.