Friend MTS Launches Fourth Generation ASiD Watermarking Solution

(Image credit: Friend MTS)

PHILADELPHIA & BIRMINGHAM, U.K.—Friend MTS has announced the fourth generation of its ASiD subscriber-level watermarking solution that addresses content protection scenarios to secure broadcast and OTT content, which includes the new ASiD OTT Edge-switched feature.

The fourth generation of Friend MTS’ advanced subscriber identification watermarking (ASiD) has enhanced two of its main features, the ASiD Embedded and ASiD OTT Client-composited. ASiD Embedded now offers accelerated watermark generation in certain devices as well as optimizations to enable memory and CPU-efficient watermark parameters for different content types. 

ASiD OTT Client-composited, meanwhile, features a new collaboration mechanism between head-end and client, and improved intelligence feedback to take action on bad actors. It also offers higher precision of session identification and stronger support for cloud PVR. Another new feature enables variable per-device watermark parameters for different content and playback types for optimized watermarking compositing based on individual client devices’ capabilities.

The new component to ASiD is ASiD OTT Edge-Switched. This is based on proprietary algorithms to offer accelerate watermark extraction working in conjunction with Friend MTS’ distributor-level watermarking solution, Distribution iD.

The new ASiD remains compliant with the MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, including 4K and HDR content.

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