Frezzi System Shines in DSLR Use

NEW YORK—In my travels as a photographer/producer and director, I'm thrilled to be able to do both still photography and video with my Canon DSLR cameras. The quality and versatility is amazing and I'm able to switch effortlessly between media. However, I lacked a viable way to get steady shots with the DSLRs while adding proper lighting and keeping the rig size small enough to easily maneuver in tight spots.

Stephen Shadrach I do a lot of fashion photography and video, and recently covered the New York Couture Fashion Show here. To get optimal quality from my DSLR, I purchased a new Frezzi DSLR Stable Grip Kit that included a Dimmer Mini Fill Light with a two-foot cable and 35 Watt lamp, a hand grip stabilizer support bracket, and a 14 Volt, 65 Watt-hour power block battery with meter pack and shoe mounts for the light and additional accessories such as wireless mics.

The Frezzi system worked beautifully in my first experience with it.


I'd previously used a 250 Watt light for my work, but the Mini Fill light was so powerful that I even added a Frezzi soft box to spread the light more evenly. I found that I was also able to get much steadier shots than usual.

I brought back some much improved footage, and a number of other photographers came over to check out my system.

My next project was to cover the Mercedes Benz, Ivana Helsinki Collection runway show for an online fashion magazine.

During that shoot, I didn't need supplemental lighting, as the runway was well lit. However, having the camera on the Frezzi bracket gave me the added support that I needed, especially when surrounded by other shooters. Having the camera on one side and the battery and light on the other to balance the rig provided smoother pans and overall steadiness.

I found that I could get almost two hours of use with the supplied 14 Volt battery pack, so there's plenty of power to light my subjects.

Now that DSLR use is becoming more popular, this seems to be the answer to many DSLR users' prayers.

In addition to my fashion work, I co-produce and direct a popular show on Italian food and fashion. We employ two Sony EX-3 cameras, with the Canon DSLR-5 used for additional B-roll footage. When we're not doing studio type interviews, I found that the Frezzi DSLR Stable Kit is extremely useful in connection with location shots in the restaurants that we cover. The DSLR is great for shooting in tight spots such as the restaurant kitchens and with the Frezzi system, we can give the subject soft and even lighting that really looks great.


I also discovered that with the Mini Fill light, I don't have to use a strobe for some of my still photography. This is extremely helpful, as I can see exactly the lighting that I'm getting.

I plan to add two more Frezzi DSLR-1 Kits for our location work, and would recommend the system to anyone who's a serious cameraperson using DSLRs for their video productions.

Stephen Shadrach is co-producer and director, of OK Productions in New York City, and serves as photographer and cameraman for both still and TV special feature productions. He may be contacted at

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