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Frezzi Heads to NAB2007 With New HD Lighting, Battery Gear

Frezzi Energy Systems will brighten NAB2007 with its HMI lighting choices and high-energy batteries for HDTV, which requires additional power and lighting for a quality image.

Frezzi's line is engineered for newsgathering and field production to produce a wide, smooth, flat optical field of light output. The HMI line includes the lightweight 18 W and 24 W HMI as well as the highest output 200 W and 400 W HMI lights. This lineup provides more than 80 lumens/watt and up to 600 percent greater output than other light sources, according to the company. The HMI line is balanced for natural daylight at 5500 K with a 92-color rendering index.

To meet the higher power demand of HD cameras, Frezzi will demonstrate high power-density on-board batteries delivering 200 Wh in Lithium-Ion and 150 Wh in NiMH. Frezzi will also showcase advanced chargers, and a new pan-and-tilt camera control package with Ethernet control features.

Frezzi will also highlight its on-camera HD broadcast support gear including Frezzi's on-camera lights in standard and dimmer controlled quartz, and ultra-bright HMI Sun-Guns designs ranging from 10 W to 400 W.

Frezzi will be in booth C5422.